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Wear In Your Hair, Show That You Care

Welcome to KUDU KLIP 

When you purchase a KUDU KLIP you are supporting BUILD ON HOPE, our non-profit organization.

 KUDU KLIP is an exclusive hair accessory handcrafted in the United States. Please be careful when

 purchasing your KUDU, there are imposters. We feel very strongly about the charitable

efforts behind our product.

  • Holds all types of hair in place
  • Comfortable & Beautiful
  • Stays secure during all activities
  • Creates over 20 quick hairstyles
  • Stunning for evening wear
  • Crafted with top quality materials

The KUDU KLIP is currently being used all over the world by

  • Golfers
  • Professional Women
  • Equestrians
  • Dancers
  • Tennis Players
  • Cheerleaders
  • All Active Women
  • Bike Riders

Our dream is to provide support for animal conservation, the elderly and foster programs that teach
African, Haitian and other Third World communities to be self-sufficient. Not only do we want to provide
a livelihood for them, but to create HOPE for a better tomorrow!
  • Events And News

    Clawson 4th of July Art and Craft Show
    3rd Jul, 2015
    July 3-4

    Lakeshore Art Festival
    3rd Jul, 2015
    July 3-4

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    In recognition of all the worthy charities across the globe, you too can show your support for your favorite charity by joining our Affiliate Banner Program. Build On Hope will donate $2.00 for every Kudu Klip sale made from users on your site clicking on our affiliate banner. read more